How It Works

CryptoBuxx gift certificates and crypto gift cards are the easiest way to give the gift of crypto to someone who may or may not yet have a crypto wallet. Printed, Digital and Gift Card versions are available.

Giving a CryptoBuxx lets the recipient know you are thinking for the long-term and not just offering a quick "spend and forget" gift. The gift certificates can be held or redeemed and the crypto moved to the wallet of their choice.

We Create a CryptoBuxx
As soon as a new CryptoBuxx is purchased, we purchase the corresponding amount of crypto coins represented by the specific CryptoBuxx. Those coins are kept in a separate cold wallet off line until they are redeemed and moved to the user's personal wallet. If they do not have a wallet, we will help them create one.
Your Gift Certificate is Safe
When a CryptoBuxx is purchased, the security code required to redeem it is protected with a scratch off cover. If this code is covered, you can be assured that the coins have not been redeemed. You can also check the current market value at any time by scanning your QR code.
To redeem the CryptoBuxx, simply scan the QR code with a mobile device and be taken to your redemption page. Here you enter your security code and the sending address for your crypto wallet and the coins will be transferred. If you do not have a crypto wallet yet, we will help you establish one.

It's that easy!


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