How CryptoBuxx Got Started

When I was young, I would receive U.S. Savings Bonds for many birthday gifts. I didn’t think much of them at the time, however when it came time to buy my first home, they really came in handy for the down payment.

Ever since, I've understood the value of giving and receiving monetary gifts that encouraged the beneficiary to hold them for a long time and allow them to grow.

That’s why I started CryptoBuxx, A way to share the excitement of crypto currencies with others and help them to prepare for the future.

Teaching the next generation about investing in money is nothing new to me. In the early 1990s, I created the award-winning Young Investor Program. This education program that started with a website and eventually included the first mutual fund with an educational goal alongside it’s investment goal. The Young Investor Program was covered by almost every newspaper and financial magazine in the country and helped youngsters to get a better understanding of the long-term value of saving for the future.

Today, it’s not just the next generation that needs to be introduced to long-term potential of cryptocurrency. The gains being made by many high profile coins in tokens are reported daily in the financial media. People unaware of the volatility and nature of crypto currencies are interested in learning more.

Crypto enthusiastic also want to share their enthusiasm in crypto currencies. However creating an online account for someone else at a Crypto Exchange is not possible.

CryptoBuxx makes it easy to share a little bit of cryptocurrency with someone else in order to get them interested. They can hold onto the paper wallets or they can create an account and an exchange and have the coins held there for them.

I hope you give CryptoBuxx a try and help make crypto currency real in the physical world.

Bill Rice