Graduations are always a special time, both for the students and their families.

For students, it means the end of one phase of their life and the transition into another. Sometimes that means continuing education and others it means entering the workforce full-time.

For families, it is the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of completing their education and transitioning to the next phase of their life.

A traditional way to celebrate both high school graduations and college graduations is by giving a financial gift to help the student prepare for their future.

While cash is a popular gift and can help make the transition easier, what if you wanted to give something more lasting? Something that can be meaningful down the road. Something

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that would not be spent right away.

That’s where Cryptobuxx gift certificates and crypto gift cards can play an important role.

Cryptocurrency can be confusing to many individuals, particularly if they are baby boomers or from the Gen X generation.

Kids today can appreciate cryptocurrency‘s and have a better understanding of how they work and the long-term value they can represent. Studies have shown that millennials embrace cryptocurrencies and are excited for their long-term opportunities.

That’s why giving the gift of cryptocurrency makes a great graduation gift.

Available in paper, gift card and digital form, you can purchase several crypto currencies and denominations to give as graduation gifts.

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Not only will your recent graduate benefit from the long-term potential cryptocurrency appreciation, you’ll position yourself as cutting edge and someone who “gets it”.

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