This page will walk you through the process for redeeming your CryptoBuxx and having the coins moved into a wallet you control.

Step 1 - Scan the QR code on your bill to be automatically taken to the redemption page for your specific CryptoBuxx. Otherwise click on the link for your coin type below and enter the full serial number of the bill into the appropriate field.

Step 2) Scratch off the covering of the security code and enter the 5 digit number into the appropriate field.

Step 3) Enter the Public Key for your crypto wallet for the type of coin you are redeeming. If you do not yet have an account for your crypto coins, you can create a free account quickly. We recommend Coinbase or BitMart to get started. Once your account is established, you can find your Public Key by clicking on the coin name and "receive" option. Copy this code and paste it into the Public Key field on the redemption page.

Step 4) Click on the Redeem button.

Once we receive your redemption request, we will move the appropriate number of coins into your wallet within 24 hours. Our coins are kept in a cold wallet, meaning it is not attached to the Internet so that is can not easily be hacked.

Once the coins are in your account, you should receive confirmation from your account provider.




CryptoBuxx are a printed certificate representing a fixed number of coins that can be redeemed and transferred to a crypto wallet. They are not intended to be investments or investment advice. Crypto currency markets are volatile and contain substantial risk. Coins had value at time of purchase may be worth more or less at time of redemption. We have no control over coins or their sponsors. We are not responsible for lost or stolen CryptoBuxx, please treat them like cash. We are not responsible for coins lost due to incorrect private key. Certificate Exchange, LLC may receive revenue from affiliate links on this website.