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Redeeming a CryptoBuxx crypto gift certificate is as simple as scanning the QR code on your CryptoBuxx, entering the security code from the CryptoBuxx and telling us where to send the crypto coins or tokens.

Finding the sending address of your crypto wallet, also known as the public key, is different for each exchange or wallet. In this article, we will provide detailed directions on how to find your wallet sending address in a Crypto.com crypto exchange account.

Please Note: We also have detailed instructions for Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Bitmart crypto exchanges.


Crypto.com Redemption Instructions

Now that you have your Crypto.com account, you need to copy the wallet address (also known as the public key) specific to your coin so you can enter it onto the CryptoBuxx Redemption Form.


  1. 1) In the top center of your Crypto.com app homepage, click on the “Transfer” button.


2) Next, click on the deposit button because you are depositing funds into your account..


3) Next, let Crypto.com know that you will be receiving crypto by clicking the crypto button.



4) Next type in the name of the crypto coin of your CryptoBuxx in the search tool. For our example we will use Dogecoin (DOGE)


5) Now you will see your public key or the address to which the coins will be sent. Copy this address and paste it into the CryptoBuxx Redemption Form.



6)Finally scratch off your security code and enter it to the redemption form as well. Click the redeem button and we will send the coins to your BitMart wallet within 24 hours.




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