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Coinbase, one of the largest Crypto Exchanges for new investors, has announced that it is planning on launching a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace that will make minting, purchasing, showcasing and discovering NFTs easier than ever.

While they they have not announced when they will be launching this new NFT marketplace, they have started a waiting list to provide early access to test out the features. Use this link if you’d like to be placed on the Coinbase waiting list.

If you plan on participating in the first CryptoBuxx NFT drop on March 31st, you will have to find another wallet to store your CryptoBuxx NFTs in until Coinbase’s NFT project launches. The NFTs can then be transferred over if you wish.

Until then, you mail wish to install the Meta Mask Crypto Wallet on your browser or mobile device as it is one of the easier wallets to use.