Certificate Exchange, Inc. was formed in 2021 to launch an innovative gift certificate program to make giving crypto currency easy and introduce new individuals to crypto currency. CryptoBuxx facilitate the transfer of small amounts of specific crypto coins (Bitcoin, Cardano, Doge, Shiba Inu and Tether) to individuals with or without an existing crypto wallet. Coins can be transferred into a crypto wallet at any time.


What is a CryptoBuxx

CryptoBuxx is a gift certificate available in specific denominations and backed by crypto coins. While the value of the underlying crypto will fluctuate with market conditions, the face amount of the CryptoBuxx will not.

CryptoBuxx are offered in printed or digital form.

Printed – Printed on offset presses, the colorful printed CryptoBuxx are 2.625 x 6.125 inches, approximately the size of a US Dollar bill. It features images from the crypto coin’s website on two sides.

Digital – The digital version of the CryptoBuxx is a PDF that can be downloaded or delivered via email. The files include an image of the front of the Buxx design along with directions on how to redeem.

Gift Card – This credit card sized plastic design is designed to appeal to millennium consumers.

Each CryptoBuxx contains a 256-bit encrypted serial number along with a covered security code that are required for redemption. A QR code is included to allow a user easy access to our site for redemption.


CryptoBuxx Pricing

The price of each CryptoBuxx is dynamically set at the time of purchase. The cost of a CryptoBuxx include the cost of the underlying crypto coins, a percentage-based fee to cover transaction costs and a profit for Certificate Exchange Inc. ($3.99 for gift cards, $2.99 for printed and $1.99 for digital).


CryptoBuxx Minting Process

Once a CryptoBuxx is sold, the corresponding crypto coins are purchased and held in a cold wallet offline for added security.

Once the Buxx is sold and shipped, the Buxx is activated in our system for immediate use by the recipient.


CryptoBuxx Currently Available:

Certificate Exchange, Inc. held a worldwide design competition to design the first CryptoBuxx. This design has been expanded to include eight coins selected for our launch.

  • 0.00025 Bitcoin (BTC)
  • 0.0025 Bitcoin (digital only)
  • 0.01 Bitcoin (digital only)
  • 20 Cardano (ADA)
  • 25 Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • 200 Dogecoin (digital only)
  • 1m Shiba Inu (SHIBA) (digital only)
  • 50 Tether (USDT) (digital only)



CryptoBuxx Logo with tagline

CryptoBuxx Logo without tagline

CryptoBuxx Logo transparent


0.00025 Bitcoin CryptoBuxx front

0.00025 Bitcoin CryptoBuxx back

0.01 Ethereum CryptoBuxx front

0.01 Ethereum CryptoBuxx back

20 Cardano CryptoBuxx front

20 Cardano CryptoBuxx back

25 Dogecoin CryptoBuxx front

25 Dogecoin CryptoBuxx back


Gift Cards

[caption id="attachment_6603" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Bitcoin Gift Card A CryptoBuxx Bitcoin Gift Card[/caption]

William Rice, Founder

Certificate Exchange, Inc. was founded by William Rice. Bill has had a long career of creating innovative products, particularly in personal finance.

He started his financial industry career at Fidelity investments where he was recognized with an innovation award while in the public relations department.

At Liberty Financial Companies, Bill single-handedly created one of the first mutual fund websites in the industry. Bill was part of the team that took the company public and headed investor relations. He also helped lead a project to create the WebSaver Annuity, the first fixed annuity sold exclusively on the Internet. He was a driving force for creating the Stein Rowe Young Investor Fund, the first mutual fund that included an education goal as well as an investment goal. Bill also was instrumental in creating one of the early mutual fund wrap fee programs, Stein Rowe Counselor.

As head of marketing for Solomon Smith Barney’s Consulting Group, Bill created multiple programs to help brokers and their clients understand managed accounts.

Bill left the financial industry in 2001 to start the Wealth Management New Service, helping to bring interesting investment articles to the media. This turned out to be one of the earliest content marketing programs in the financial industry.

Bill Rice is a founding member and the current president of the Web Marketing Association, which for 25 years has helped set the standards of Internet excellence in 96 industries with its well-regarded WebAward competition for website development, Internet Advertising Competition and MobileWebAwards recognition programs.

Bill has a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University in Boston. He also obtained a graduate certificate in business administration from Harvard University and a graduate certificate in cryptocurrency at the Massachusetts Institute of technology Media Lab.

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