Types of CryptoBuxx

There are two basic types of CryptoBuxx:

Printed CryptoBuxx - A printed CryptoBuxx looks and feels just like printed money. Printed front and back, it's size is 2.625"x 6.125", basically the same size of a US Dollar. They can be added into birthday cards, given as employee bonuses or just handed out to friends to start the conversion about crypto.

Digital CryptoBuxx -When you want to give the gift of crypto to someone that's not close by, or you live outside the USA and shipping costs are too high, you can download a Digital CryptoBuxx and have an 8.5"x11" PDF version emailed to you and print it at you home or office.

The price of the CryptoBuxx is the cost of the coins plus $2.99 for Paper CryptoBuxx and $0.99 for Digital CryptoBuxx that can be printed anywhere. CryptoBuxx are redeemed based on a specific number of coins, not a dollar value, so the value of the coins when redeemed may be higher or lower than when purchased.

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