Due to the nature of the cryptocurrency markets we can not refund sales of CryptoBuxx gift certificates.

If you have not received your printed CryptoBuxx and they have not been redeemed in our system, we can cancel the original CryptoBuxx and issue replacements.

CryptoBuxx are a printed certificate representing a fixed number of coins that can be redeemed and transferred to a crypto wallet. They are not intended to be investments or investment advice. Crypto currency markets are volatile and contain substantial risk. Coins had value at time of purchase may be worth more or less at time of redemption. We have no control over coins or their sponsors. We are not responsible for lost or stolen CryptoBuxx, please treat them like cash.  CryptoBuxx can be redeemed at any time after seven day after purchase. We are not responsible for coins lost due to incorrect private key. Certificate Exchange, Inc may receive revenue from affiliate links on this website.

Need help?

Contact us at Questi[email protected] for questions related to refunds and returns.