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SafeMoon, one of the tokens available in printed CryptoBuxx gift certificates, has announced a 1:1000 consolidation that will take place a part of their migration from SafeMoon v1 to SafeMoon v2.
This means that for every 1,000 v1 tokens currently owned, they will be traded in for 1 v2 token. Correspondingly, the price of SafeMoon v2 tokens will change 1,000% from v1 resulting in the same value remaining with the holder. This change is planned for sometime in December 2021.
How this affects SafeMoon CryptoBuxx
SafeMoon CryptoBuxx were issued during the testing phase of CryptoBuxx.com with a denomination of 1,000,000 SafeMoon v1 tokens.
These CryptoBuxx and still be redeemed for SafeMoon v1 until the migration to SafeMoon v2 takes place. At that time, the value of the outstanding CryptoBuxx will be converted to 1,000 SafeMoon v2 tokens even though the face value of the CryptoBuxx will remain at 1,000,000 SafeMoon v1 tokens.
We will keep you up to date of the progress of this SafeMoon v2 migration.