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Many Americans are planning on giving the gift of crypto this year, but many don’t know how, according to a new study by crypto lending firm BlockFi revealed.

“The survey points out a lack of knowledge on how to actually give the gift crypto”, said William Rice, CEO of Certificate Exchange, Inc. “Less than a quarter of respondents actually knew how to send crypto to someone as a gift. That is why we created CryptoBuxx crypto gift certificates. It is an easy way to give the gift of Crypto to someone even if they do not have a crypto wallet.”
Top findings from the “Real Talk: Happy HODLdays” survey include:
  • Crypto could dominate many holiday dinner table conversations: One in three respondents said they are more interested in talking about crypto instead of politics or their love lives with their friends and family this holiday season.
  • Crypto as a gift is taking hold: One in 10 respondents plan to gift crypto for the 2021 holidays.
  • Knowledge on how to give crypto remains low, with less than 25% of respondents stating that they actually know how to give crypto as a present.
  • Bitcoin is the top choice as the crypto of choice for gifting and receiving, with Dogecoin and Ethereum coming in as second and third, respectively.
  • Unexpected holiday windfall of cash of significant monetary value ($10,000 USD)? While the majority (62%) would either use the funds to pay down debt or store it in a traditional cash savings account, nearly one in four (24%) would invest in the markets (public stock or crypto).
  • Looking to the New Year, one in four respondents said they are likely to purchase crypto in 2022, again with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum being the most popular.

The survey was conducted by a third-party survey panel between October 19 and October 26, 2021. 1,262 male and female US citizens between the ages of 18 and 65 were surveyed.

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