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“It is better to give than to receive.” And there are plenty of opportunities to give throughout the year. While gift-giving is so much fun and brings enormous joy to both the giver and the receiver, gift-buying can be a stressful ordeal if you have not planned ahead. Here are some occasions in which you may need to prepare gifts for one or more people. Once you have an idea of what lies ahead, consider giving the gift of crypto and introduce someone new to the world of crypto investing.

Here are some traditional gift giving opportunities:

    • Birthdays – parents, siblings, children, nieces/nephews, grandparents, friends
    • Anniversaries – wedding, employment
    • Weddings –  start the new couple on the road to financial security
    • Births – savings bonds just don’t cut it anymore
    • Graduations – high school, college, grad school
    • Holidays – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
    • Teacher Appreciation – they take care of your kids, shouldn’t you take care of them
    • Christmas or other December Holiday – biggest gift giving opportunity of the year
    • Just Because – This special occasion should not be about showering your loved ones with gifts, but rather a random demonstration of what they mean to you.

CryptoBuxx (www.CryptoBuxx.com) is a new paper crypto gift certificate program offered by the Certificate Exchange, Inc. and available in specific denominations backed by popular crypto coins. The recipients do not need to have an established crypto wallet to receive them.



CryptoBuxx (www.CryptoBuxx.com) are a crypto gift certificate available in specific denominations of popular crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Tether. CryptoBuxx are offered in printed or digital form and can make giving the gift of crypto easy, even if the person does not already have a crypto wallet. For complete information and to purchase, go to www.CryptoBuxx.com.